I Can't Use My Hands At The Moment

I can't use my hands well at the moment and am finding it difficult both to be inspired to write and to actually type. I believe it's a tendinitis thing. I'm on anti-inflammitories for ten days. Doctor Isooba BBwaddene (not his real name, but pretty close) at the clinic seemed disinclined to do much thinking about my problem. He wrote me and my problem off as a 'repetitive motion injury' and acted like that was all that was needed from him. I asked if I should ice my arms/hands?  He said only if it makes me feel better, it won't actually help.  Then he wrote me a prescription for pills. 

It won't help??? Ice is almost the single most important thing you can do for a muscle or tendon issue. Hello? Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation with the focus on rest and ice??? So I'll be making an appointment with my own Doctor. And I'll be protecting, resting and icing my hands.

Funny thing, I can't open the bottle of pills because my HANDS AREN'T WORKING. I'm not someone who has ever had much issues with their health.  No issues at all, frankly. So I'm not handling the helplessness well.  But it's much better today than yesterday and that's the kind of progress I can live with.

Update: It's tendinitis

Rest, immobilize with a brace - especially at night so you can sleep, ice and over the counter anti-inflammitories like Advil or Aleve


Angie said...

I don't like this.

Trish said...

You typing with your nose? lol...joking aside, I hope you feel better and quickly! I would be going to my own doctor too. Take care.

Frimmy said...

I'm one of those typists who doesn't have to look at the keys so I'm spoiled by being able to type my thoughts almost simultaneously as they occur to me.

Having hands that don't work forces me to slow down and by the time I peck out a few words with two fingers and my nose I've forgotten what I wanted to say.

My hands are much better tonight but the meds are making me sick. I'll take the last one for today and then I'll try not taking them tomorrow and see what happens.

My doctor needs to tell me why I'm rendered incapacitated one day and almost normal again the next. Yesterday I couldn't lift anything or close my fingers in a grasping motion. I couldn't type normally. Also there was constant pain. Today... nothing.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't need that carpal tunnel surgery. I have seen people go through that, not fun. I get wrist pain from time to time, too much typing etc. I believe. One girl I work with, her doctor prescribed wrist forms for her that keep your wrists extended at night. Ever notice you curl your hands in at night when you are asleep? Anyway, just a couple thoughts on the subject. Hope you heal quickly.


Frimmy said...

I don't seem to be suffering much for not taking the meds. It's definitely work related because I have had some time off an my hands are normal again. Starting Wednesday I have a five day stretch and we'll see what happens.


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