Life Hacks

A life hack has come to mean anything that solves an everyday problem in a clever or non-obvious way.

For example:

Yes, very clever.

When I come up with a hack it is usually a solution that presented itself out of desperation and so I don't really see it as inspired or clever. Anyway I want something better than that. I want to jail break my life and populate it with cool apps. For example, why can't we lock, unlock or open our houses the same way we do our cars?  Shoot, why can't they come up with a  cruise control that works under 50kph?

Sync these keys with my house and you've sold yourself a car

Or, on my iPhone, I can scroll down and read all the love notes left for me by my many friends on facebook but then, I have to exert energy to scroll back up to the top and that takes forever. Or, I can tap the clock at the top of my phone and I'm taken to the top of the page at warp factor 10! Why can't I do this on my web browser?

Or how about an app that opens my car and my house. 

Or rearrange my house the way I can rearrange my apps?

All my blogs in one place!  And if I want one moved,
I just swipe it to where I want it to go.  Just like moving furniture!
Wait...Nothing like moving furniture.  I wish though

Or, how do I block someone in real life? 
This was a random image on the internet.
I actually don't know any Mike's that I want to block.
But say if someone where harassing me right now, not named Mike,
how could I block them?  I can't.

What hack do you wish for?
My luck, I'd hack my life and get furballs.


A-Gran said...

Ooo, this is an intriguing post. I'm not as creative as you. The only thing that really and truly pisses me off is cords. I loathe them. They look like a shit ton of "Do not remove" tags that are put on mattresses. Tacky. Why, in the year 2012, have we not progressed to where we no longer need cords?

Frimmy said...

Wireless appliances!! Good idea.


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