She's A Good Mother...

There's no point to this rambling post.  

So this past Sunday, I was working at our smaller store located inside a Walmart.  I work alone until eight o'clock but there isn't a lot of traffic so it's not scary.  One of our regular drive thru guests from the big store came in dressed in cold weather, outdoor, working clothes.

He was juggling three cans of coffee, which we sell, and I asked if he wanted his usual white chocolate macadamia nut cookie today.  Ever talk to someone, casual small talk, and then you say something that causes the other person to see you.  Then there was a smile.  Then he said, So, they send the best down here from the other store to work Sundays?  Or something like that.  I said not hardly and he said Yes.  He thinks they do send the best.  *blush*  I explained that I enjoy working in the smaller store because it's  slower pace and I get to interact with guests, something I don't have time for in drive thru.  Then I said, 

So you're working on a Sunday? He said that he runs a cow & calf operation and there are no Sundays off with that kind of business.  Naturally I agreed. I myself calved on a Sunday. Then he said the damnedest thing happened. One of his cows had her calf in the middle of a pond.  When they discovered her the calf was neck deep in water. They had to swim out to get them.  Then he said it was the weirdest thing because she's a really good mother.

A cow. Is a really good mother. Says a man who runs a cow & calf operation.  Isn't that the cutest thing? If you are a cow in a cow & calf operation, I would think having the head runner guy say you're a good mother must be the best thing in the world. Who is she going to tell about this?  Nobody because she doesn't even understand a spoken language. But, she's a good mother!!

What determines if a cow is good mother? How does she learn to be a good mother?

He says he can't figure out why she calved in a pond.  I said, Maybe she was hot?  

If I'm short tempered and things that don't normally bother me are getting to me there are probably two reasons.  1. My pony tail is too tight or 2. I'm too hot.  I can relate to the cow being too damn hot.  I'm too damn hot all the time.

I know what makes a person a good mother but I still want to know what makes a cow a good mother.  If I see him again I'm going to ask him.


Angie said...

A good mother stays by her calf, protects it from predators, shields it from weather, etc. She also doesn't allow those damn kids to tip it over.

(Being from Canada, you may not get that hick reference, but trust me, it was a funny one. You are welcome to guffaw)

Frimmy said...

Cow tipping? I've heard it referenced in those moving picture shows.

How does a cow learn to be a good mother? Is it passed down from mother to daughter like dysfunction in human families? Or pure instinct? If a cow is not a good mother, why is she not? Did instinct short circuit?

Angie said...

You know, I'd have to say it's instinct. I've seen cats that have their first litter at a young age and they care for them wonderfully and I've also seen cats, one in particular, that dropped every single litter she had, in the grass, dirt, etc and refused to take care of them. She'd walk and give birth and never look back. If you tried to force her to take care of them, she would attack them. Based on my cat analogy, I would vote for the short circuit.


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