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Smokie, a UK band, enjoyed a lot of success in the '70's.  Soft rock, glam rock and/or generally easy listening - my parents approved of them which was enough to discredit the band and seven following generations of offspring after them - the lead singer you see in these videos, Chris Norman, is no longer with the group but has appeared with the band for various performances as late as 2004.

Alan Barton, of Black Lace, replaced Chris Norman in 1986 and continued as lead vocalist until Barton died in March 23, 1995, at the age of 41, from injuries incurred when Smokie's tour bus crashed during a hailstorm in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Mike Craft is the current lead singer.  Mike craft wears glasses, has a social security number, pays his taxes and he...helps his landlady carry out her garbage.

So what brings us to this sad, nostalgic post about sappy, love song, singing glam rockers?  The song Needles and Pins was going through my head, Smokie's version, and I thought I would look it up on YouTube.  And because it was going through my head, you get to have go through your head.  Ear worms are for sharing.

"Needles and Pins" is a song written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono. The song was originally recorded by Jackie DeShannon. Other hit versions of the song were recorded by The Searchers, Cher, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with Stevie Nicks, Willie DeVille, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, our friends Smokie and the Ramones.

If you weren't into 70's glam rock, and I wasn't, you might know Smokie by the song Living Next Door to Alice.  Needles and Pins was on the B side of Living Next Door to Alice. I still have the '45. I, um, bought it for my sister.  Yeah.

The version of this song with Chris Norman singing is unavailable for embedding.  This is the version with Alan Barton.  He manages to raunch the song up.

In 1995 Smokie paired with some Brit comedian named Roy 'Chubby' Brown for a sort of parody of the song.  You can see it here if you want. Embedding is disabled.  I like when artists can laugh at themselves even if this particular spoof is rather uninspired.


Frimmy said...

LOL @ Smokie

A-Gran said...

Never heard of them but I'm playing Needles And Pins right now. It's not bad.

Frimmy said...

I prefer this live version of Living Next Door to Alice with Chris Norman as lead.

The band, especially him, are having way too much fun considering the nature of the song and the audience doesn't seem to be in on the joke. Viva lip synching!
He's a funny looking guy but what a great smile.

There's something about them I like and yet something about them I can't take seriously. Maybe for me they're a guilty pleasure?


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