The Things I've Seen in the Two of the Places I've Lived

East Coast and penultimate West coast.  If you will.

Here is just a sampling of the things to which my eyes have been subjected.

Try to feel my pain.

East Coast

Goddam Red Sand Beaches

Ridiculous Fishing Villages

These nasty little lupins grow wild and flourish in the spring,
 polluting the scenery in every direction

Red Cliffs on the Sea Shore

So much green and every barn is grey with white trim and red doors.  WTF?

Arrogant fishing boats lost in their own reflections in Malpeque Bay

They tell me Malpeque Oysters are a big deal.  I wouldn't know, I only eat raw, live babies. Raw, live oysters would be gross!

West Coast, almost.

Looking west is obstructed by these big rocks - winter desolation

Big obstructions - Summer desolation

An hour in the other direction is this wasteland of post apocalyptic proportions

See those little buildings in the top left quadrant of the picture?  That's a farm.
A farm with soil erosion issues.  

Hoodoos in the Badlands.  You can't smoke them so whatever.

An hour into the mountains is Moraine Lake.  It really is that colour.
From melted crayons or something.
The water is so clear it looks like canoes on the lake are hovering instead of floating.
What kind of alien crap are they pulling?

Lake Louise, Banff.  When a chunk of ice calves from the glacier over yonder, it takes 15 seconds for the sound to reach you if you're standing at the same POV as the camera.  That's too vast.  And that valley you think you're seeing?  It curves around to the left and keeps on going for eons


Two Jack Lake is so clear you can see forever to the bottom. If there is one.  Mount Rundall is in the background.  Every time I come here these crazy big horn sheep are always on the road licking the yellow lines.  WTF?  Yellow paint is crack for the big horns I guess.

Peyto Lake, Banff National Park. 
I've been to Tennessee.  Now, that's beautiful!


A-Gran said...

Oh, God DAMN it, Canada!!!!

A-Gran said...

I'm about thisfuckingclose to driving my fat ass up there just to throw around some garbage. I'm so sick of this Peacock Hat bullshit, you have no idea.

A-Gran said...

I'm just quivering with irritation here. Every fucking picture you've shown me looks like a fucking jigsaw puzzle.


Noelle said...

This post and it's comments have been very enjoyable.
I particularly liked the comments about: crayons and aliens.

And throwing garbage and jigsaw puzzles.

Thanks good team work.

Very weird about the barns and the red doors. hmmmm

Noelle said...

Oh and crack for bighorns. Maybe they are trying to erase.

Frimmy said...

I will help a-gran throw garbage around. A country builds character with a few zits on its face.

Frimmy said...

Time for another Johnny depp post

A-Gran said...

The whole damn country is like the backdrop of a douche commercial. I'm tired of it!

Angie said...

I'm thoroughly disgusted by this. How can you even stand it???

Frimmy said...

I'm going to have to post a personal angst post to make up for this display.

A-Gran said...

It wasn't enough. Fuck you, Canada!!! Fuck you right in your big peacock hat!


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