This Is Why I'm Broke

So much little few credit cards!  These are some of the reasons why I'm broke.  Actually, not really.  I am able to resist most things but this site is cool as hell and they've collected awesome all in one place on a site called This is Why I'm Broke plus they link you to where you can buy these items, the bastards.  A lot of items come from ThinkGeek a site I have had bookmarked since forever.

Bubble wrap calendar

Glass slide 'blood sample' coasters

Companion Cube Cookie Jar from Portal

More from Portal: Turret Flashlight

Oh yes...

Not just a garden gnome.  A zombie garden gnome.
Bonsai Redwood Forest

Surreal fish bowl

Totally cool!


Steampunk anything rocks

Knife block

Mario earings

zombie door stop


Anonymous said...

I seriously want the fishbowl.



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