Today is March 14...

...which means it's Pi Day

Pi Day celebrates the mathematical constant Pi (3.14 etc) and is probably the geekiest day of the year. Because of computers, Pi can be calculated to almost infinite decimal points (or over 1 trillion points past the decimal whichever is shorter).  Some people even memorize this stuff. So celebrate by eating pie, discussing Pi and maybe Tau. Here is the official website.

Geeks!  Start your memorizers and begin


A-Gran said...

I am SO upset that I forgot this. SO upset. Dammit, I love Pi Day.

Anonymous said...

I did not know March 14th was Pi day! I know its Albert Einsteins' birthday...because its also my birthday.

Am I the first of the 1969 club to turn 43?


Frimmy said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm ashamed I didn't know it was Albert Einstein's b'day.

Looks like Noelle beat you to 43 in December.

Anonymous said...

why don't you people just eat ur pie in peace cos its annoying when i search up pie's it just show pi=3.14 and so on

Frimmy said...

Hint for specific searches

Search this way:

Pie -pi -3.14

Adding a minus sign to the words you don't want removes them from your results. Easy. Meanwhile the rest of us pseudo-geek types will continue to enjoy pi 3.14 -pie


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