I don't follow a lot of cartoon strips.  One I never miss is Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman.  It's about a teenage boy living with his forty-something parents and how they get along and don't get along together.  There have been so many comics that have applied to my son and me that reading the latest Zits comic is something my son and 'do'.

Recently they did a series of strips comparing Connie's (the mom) point of view from when Jeremy was a tot and now as a teenager.   I related so much it brought tears to my eyes.

Actually, my kid doesn't care if I demonstrate my affection in public.  So that's cool.

Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott have been doing the strip since July 1997.  Connie and Walt are the parents of Jeremy. Walt is a Dentist and Connie is a stay at home mom.  They are the epitome of boring in Jeremy's eyes although there are moments when Walt and Jeremy relate as males. 

From Wiki:
Jerry Scott He started cartooning professionally in the mid-1970s by submitting gag cartoons to magazines, and he sold one from his first batch to the Saturday Evening Post. In 1983, Scott took over Nancy, which was created by Ernie Bushmiller (he eventually handed it over to Guy Gilchrist in the 1990s). He became friends with Rick Kirkman and they created Baby Blues, a comic based on family life with little children.

Jim Borgman drew editorial cartoons for the Kenyon Collegian. Since 1980, his editorial cartoons have been nationally syndicated, at first by King Features Syndicate. In 2007, Universal Press Syndicate took over the distribution of his editorial cartoons.  His body of work has included the weekly comic strip "Wonk City," which ran from 1994 to 1996 on the editorial pages of The Washington Post. A surreal send-up of inside-the-beltway mores during the administration of Bill Clinton, many of the cartoons featured a cat involved in behind-the-scenes political skullduggery. 
While on vacation in Sedona, Arizona, Borgman met up with fellow cartoonist, Jerry Scott. Scott pitched the idea of a cartoon about a teenager and thus the comic strip "Zits" was born, with Borgman cartooning and Scott writing. "Zits" is syndicated in over 1500 newspapers around the world and is translated into eight languages.

Jerry Scott up top & Jim Borgman  

Jeremy, left and his best friend Hector.  Kinda look like the authors to me.

Zits comics home page is here.

I wish I had a cool signature like this!
"Frimmy" would look too cool written in this hand


A-Gran said...

I like Zits too. That was cute, but a little too real too. I laughed at the food one. That was EmoBoy, for real. Kid wouldn't eat ANYTHING and I spent years certain that he would starve to death under my care, and then one day he woke up hungry and I used to joke about shoveling raw meat under his door and watching my fingers.

Heidi said...

I like this cartoon also. Thanks for sharing.


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