Can You Give Me Some Feedback, please?

Not everyone has the same set up as I do with regard to our computers. I have my monitor set at a fairly high resolution and I also have a wide screen. This renders things differently from what you may be seeing and I'd rather post in a format that makes it friendly to a majority.  

I know little about blog formats and less about computers in general so if you could help me out with some insight that would be awesome.

I was wondering if the pictures I post render properly for you.  

Are they too big pixel-wise, do they end up looking too big for the post width?

Are they too big format-wise, do they take a long time to load?

I like looking at pictures and so I tend to create posts that are photo heavy.  This requires a lot of scrolling for you and in one of the articles I read this can create a lag issue and it is annoying if someone wants to refer back to a specific post.  Earlier posts get lost under the newer ones. Is scrolling and scrolling and scrolling annoying?

Is there anything else you're running into that makes reading here annoying to the eyes or difficult to over look when reading?

I'm not referring to content but constructive criticism is welcome on that front as well.  

If you don't want to leave a comment but have some input from which I could benefit email me at  I'll back (back?? seriously? *sigh* Of course I mean BAKE) you some cookies as a thank you.  Or granola.

I don't want to come back here and see zero posts.  So try to think of something. Deal?


Anonymous said...

The format of your site and the photos work just fine for me.


Frimmy said...

I checked it out on someone's lap top and it seems to be ok there. I went to my blog on someone's computer and all the pictures were expanded past the margins and it alarmed me.

Tonya said...

I look at your blog regularly on 3 different screens. One is 32", one is 27" and my laptop. They all look good to me. Never checked it out on my phone.

Photos are always just fine. Never seen them expanded past the margins.

Frimmy said...

Hmm...maybe it was a glitch in that one instance maybe. I know we can check out what screen resolution (not monitor size) people are using for their monitors so I wondered if that information was relevant somehow to what your blog looked like to them.

What would I need that information for, anyway?

Angie said...

I check your site on two different size screens and both work just fine.

Frimmy said...

OK I'll relax. I'm glad really. Like I said, I love sites with photos so it would have been an adjustment to change that style. There is a way to do tons of photos without taking up so much space but it would require that I LEARN something.

Tonya said...

I say keep going as you are. Everything looks great here.

MuserMommy said...

It looks fine to me. The only thing that is weird is when I load it at work. Work filters block so much that the original text format loads then your chosen text format loads. But again, that's because of my work filter. Of course I don't get the videos either. Otherwise I like the pictures and think you have a great balance. I solve my problem by checking out what I miss at home. Keep up the good work!


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