Chowder the Granite Cat, Deigns to Acknowledge Me

Dude, you have something on your nose.  You ALWAYS have something on your nose.

Since I've been in a picture taking frenzy today, here's the latest one. Right before I took this, he had been perfectly centered in a jungle of plants. It was quite exotic and it's what compelled me to leave my comfy spot on the sofa and get my phone. Sadly he had moved on to staring violently out the window at some target of his desire and probably his imagination.  

This picture was achieved by me saying: "pssst". Note his confusion and shock.  I don't usually speak to him and he never responds to voice commands. I planted catnip for you, you could at least act grateful.

There's a strange outline on his back. You're totally going to bust me for photoshopping this because dappled sunlight through a window would never look like that in real life.


Anonymous said...

*stares violently* SNORT


ps he's handsome. no need to tell him, he knows it.


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