I Have a Lisp

Well, sometimes I have a lisp.

I've been fitted for a night guard because I've been grinding my teeth. It's showing up in teeth that are out of sight when I smile and it's at the gumline where teeth flex when you bite down. So it's not like anyone can see the damage. Anyway, it's nothing like the one above, mine only covers my top four teeth but it's enough to give me a completely campy lisp when I attempt to talk. The lad can't stop laughing from the bottom of his gut. I'm glad I make him laugh like that.  

Should I ever find myself in a relationship that involves a degree of physical contact, I will be doing two things. Shaving my legs again, and putting the retainer in during foreplay.  Thexy!


Tonya said...

I envy your mouth guard. I'm a grinder too. I envy it because it will help your teeth AND it gives you a sexy lisp. If I had a sexy lisp I would call everyone I know just to tell them, "I'm SUPER, thanks for asking!" While we're on the subject, why do campy gay men lisp?

Frimmy said...

I've been trying to think who might have been the campy, lisping role model and I can't come up with anyone. Paul Lynde didn't lisp, did he?

Anonymous said...

good post, added you to my RSS reader.


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