I Like Tugboats

I confess I love the tugboat,
And this is the reason why,
It can summersalt underwater,
Cuz you don't have to keep it dry.

Who wouldn't love the tugboat?
Big ships depend on it for a tow.
It looks really stout on the water,
But there's twice as much of it down below.

The tugboat's an unsung hero.
It's the mariners working hog,
But praising it went unnoticed,
On somebody else's blog.

I'm looking pointedly at you A-Gran


Heidi said...

My Norwegian grandfather was a tug boat Captain in Massachusetts.

Frimmy said...

Too cool!! Did you get to go on the tug?

A-Gran said...

My GAWD, that was the best poem EVER!!!! My sad fucking haikus cry in shame. Hmm...

My fucking haikus
Suck much ass compared to this
*tugs collar* Who cares?

Frimmy said...

That was a cheesey poem. I have poems that taunted this poem and made it cry but I posted it anyway.

I love your haikus.


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