Look What I Found Today

It's a nickel. A 1929 Canadian nickel.

I'm kind of a sucker for coins. In my line of work I come across coins from every nation. I've even collected a few US wheat pennies. I turn them all over to my Dad when I see him because he's a collector too and he's got less time to appreciate them than I do. 

I don't really care if the coins are actually worth anything, I like their provenance. This one caught my eye because it looked 'retro'. Our coins have been minted in recent years to look like old fashioned coins. I check the year and move along. So today, I checked the year and was shocked to find the 1929. Then I realized that this coin would not have Queen E on the flip side. I turned it over and there he was. King George V.

Use little words

I like coins for the same reason I like rocks and fossils. They're a tangible record of history. Seeing the king's likeness was like flashing back in history. You have to travel back a long, long time to get to pre-Queen Elizabeth years. No, I'm not a monarchist but I do like a bit of history. 

So that's it. It's an old coin.


Frimmy said...

NObody cares about old coins?? It's worth about six bucks, people!

Tonya said...

I'm wondering how many of these I've thrown away over the years. Yes, we throw your coins away.

Frimmy said...

Well, stop it. They're worth more than your coins at the moment.


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