Maned Wolf

The coltish animal below which looks like a fox's body photoshopped onto a deer's legs is known as a Maned Wolf.

Photo: Sean Crane

The maned wolf has often been described as "a red fox on stilts" owing to its similar coloration and overall appearance, though it is much larger than a red fox and belongs to a different genus.  The adult animal stands 67 to 107 cm (26 to 42 in) tall at the shoulder, averages around five feet in total length and weighs 20 to 34.09 kg (44 to 75.2 lb) 

The maned wolf range (This is South America)

The maned wolf is also known for its distinctive odor,
which has earned it the nickname "skunk wolf."

I'm sure in person the skunk smell would affect my judgement but in pictures
the maned wolf looks elegant

Some experts say the long legs are an adaptation to running around in long grass.

Coherent, rational text taken from Wiki here.


Tonya said...

This guy looks sneaky, even for a fox!

A-Gran said...

I'm never going to sleep at a decent hour. I refuse.

Frimmy said...

I don't mind. You can stay here if you want. Pull up a comfy chair and vegg.

Anonymous said...

How come they never have cool stuff like this in zoo's? I want to see one.


A-Gran said...

I hang out here a lot at night. I think of myself as the blog watchman.

Unknown said...

Tonya, IT'S NOT A FOX! And foxes are sneaky anyways. -_-

Unknown said...

Tonya, IT'S NOT A FOX! IT'S A WOLF! And foxes are sneaky anyway!

Sean Crane said...

Please credit photographers when you lift their photos from the internet (or link back to the original source). That first shot is mine at

Frimmy said...

I will edit that image to credit your work as soon as I get home from work this evening. Thank you.

Frimmy said...

(at the very latest)


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