Photos of this moose were taken near Elliot Lake, Ontario Canada. I've been to Elliot Lake.  I had a lot of fun catching toads in the yard at my Uncle's place.  

I've seen a lot of Northern Ontario.  I spent the first twelve years of my life there. In fact, to give you a frame of reference, I lived in the same towns that James Cameron and Shania Twain are from plus a couple more.  Much of my family still lives there.  

If you ever wondered why humans don't survive collisions with moose, this is why.

What, no merge lane?!

Normal sized dirt road which is probably a single lane

The article puts the moose at eight feet at the shoulder which means when it raises it's head it's probably almost twelve feet tall including antlers. I've seen moose this big. Both times in the middle of the road. Once at night.  When you see a moose you very quietly yield the right of way to the moose and then after it leaves you thank your higher power it wasn't in the mood to notice you and your inconsequential self.

Update: There have been some rumblings that this picture has been photoshopped. There have been some who point out a distinct outline around some parts of the moose which others attribute to sunlight. Whatever.  Photoshopping a moose to look this big makes about as much sense as photoshopping the ocean to look really, really deep. I don't see why anyone would have to photoshop it since moose actually DO get this big and they don't get this big rarely, they get this big a lot and I've seen them personally. You're just going to have to trust me on this one.  


Angie said...

This looks like a scene from a modern day Jurassic Park. You've seriously seen moose this big??

A-Gran said...

TODD, You drunken bastard, COME HOME!!!

Frimmy said...

Yes, I have seen moose this big in the wild. Bull moose on average stand almost 7 feet at the shoulder. So finding one in the Northern wilds of Canada that stand taller than that is common.

You look at them and wonder how the heck they navagate around in a forest! How do they blend in?? How do they get their bulk through all the trees and not get caught? But they do get around. The times I've seen them they have been on the road or running off the road and into the safety of the woods.

Tonya said...


Angie said...

If I saw that on the road, I would shit myself. No lie.

A-Gran said...

Oh sure, let's all carry on a conversation AROUND TONYA!

Fuck both you bitches.

Angie said...

I like cheese. Frimmy, do you like cheese?

Frimmy said...

I would try almost any cheese except that larvae infested cheese Tonya goes on about.


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