Ordinary Super Powers

I can spot turtles and tortoises. It doesn't win friends or influence people in any way, but if there's a turtle near me, something about it catches my eye and I see it. I'm not even particularly fascinated by them.  My eye just picks them out for some reason.

There is a tortoise around here somewhere, I can sense it

I know someone who has two super powers. He is always approximately thirty seconds ahead of the crowd when it comes to lining up anywhere.  What ever internal clock we have that signals our needs, his is always just ahead of most of us. When I see him walk into the restaurant, I prepare for an onslaught. His other super power is his way with animals. His kid calls him Dr. Doolittle. His line of work takes him into the homes of many people. Most often even the most skittish pet will find a way to come over and sit or lie down beside him or interact in some friendly way. He says he wished it worked for children but it doesn't.  It's not just dogs and cats either. He's had birds jump up onto his finger and guinea pigs and run over to check him out and squeak happily like someone was giving it lettuce.  How does that happen?

There are no super heros in this world and life is short. What's your ordinary super power?


Tonya said...

I attract crazy people.

Angie said...

I can think of a million things at one time. The doctor say it's ADD, but I went to a circus yesterday and after the elephants, it was time for the monkeys to rape the frogs and I really didn't like the chocolate cake that they had at the party. Oh, and I'm Tonya's very best friend :)

Frimmy said...

I wish I could 'like' that comment, Angie. Well done.

iambriezy said...

I have a serious sweet tooth and when I was a child, I somehow "knew" when candy was hidden somewhere in the house. Every so often, my dad would buy candy and bust it out after I went to bed, then hide it. I ALWAYS had it in my hands by the time he'd wake up. I have no idea how, but I'd just sense it was there and start rooting till I found it. Pretty handy superpower for a child to have.

Frimmy said...

My MIL had the exact same sugar sense! Later in life, she had dementia and she was diabetic so my SIL would hide the candy because my MIL would eat it all if was lying out in full view. Turns out hiding it didn't help either. Unless it was under lock and key she found it wherever they hid it and ate it. It was sad and funny at the same time.


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