Papakolea: Hawaii's Green Sand Beach

This is Papakolea Beach on the Big Island, Hawaii. It is green. Not because it's infected with algae or bacteria or astroturf. It's green because of a surrounding cinder cone slowly eroding its Olivine. Olivine is a mineral which composes the semi-precious stone peridot. So a walk on this beach is like walking on jewels.

Peridot, people. Only the most awesome of the birthstones. Why? Not because anyone related to me was born in August. No. It's my favourite colour! This beach is totally amazing!

Totally. Awesome.  It looks like the kind of peridot velvet you'd see in a 70's lounge suit!

It has kind of a mossy look to it also.

I wonder what it smells like?

Pay no attention to what is clearly some sort of shark related fatality, centre right

Access involves a three-mile (4.8 km) hike through lava fields, venus fly trap plants the size of a dog popping randomly out of green pipes and turtles with faces and different coloured shells.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I had to read this twice before I got the super mario brothers nod at the end. I hereby relinquish my nerd card.


Frimmy said...

Well...I couldn't leave lava fields alone. That part is true.

Nature has some really amazing sights. I want to see them all.

A-Gran said...

Hawaii, you say? What country is that in again? SUCK IT, CANADA! We have pretty shit too!

Anonymous said...

@A-Gran: That is why people hate America.


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