Poor Jack Nicholson - Not Pretty

Maybe it's just me and maybe I have a strange and/or narrow idea of what is attractive but I think I might be the only one who doesn't think Jack Nicholson is attractive. There really isn't one thing I can point out to you that I could describe as ugly but I find him ugly nevertheless.

He's always described as sexy and sorry, I don't see it. So I went looking for pictures to see if there was something about his looks I could pin point. I tried to put these pics into chronological order as near as I could guess because I was too lazy to research the dates. Early on he's not too bad looking but it goes downhill very fast.

This is the only picture where I could agree he was attractive.

Not attractive, but not hideous.
This is the picture that started me thinking about
what it was I didn't like.

Here we've crossed the line to unattractive





One of the things I realized he has my mother's eyebrows. Yes she has the maniacal joker eyebrows. Well sort of a cross between Freddie Mercury's and Jack's. Still freaky either way.

Then I got thinking that he pretty much resembles all the men in her family. I don't know them well, we were never around them much. The odd time we visited I remember her brothers having dark hair, brown eyes and full lips.  They all had decent teeth and were probably considered good looking to other people but not my type. Here are some other famous people who look like her or her sibs.

Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway.  I swear this could be one of my uncles.

Linda Ronstadt...

...totally looks like my mother

So I'm talking about features here.  Brown eyes, warm complexion - my mother has olive skin colouring, god knows where that came from, same teeth although the picture doesn't really show it that well, small nose, same shaped face I realize comparing a black and white to a colour photo is not really much of a comparison but you'll have to take my word for what you can't see here.  Her eyebrows haven't reached their crazy joker level yet but they definitely almost have a life of their own at this point.  Plus in this picture she's happy, not tearing a strip off me for being too lazy to get out of bed and trying to reach the light switch from my top bunk with a two foot long stuffed caterpillar, losing my balance and falling flat on my face on the floor.  Naturally she tore a strip off me after she determined I wasn't paralyzed.  

Of the two little girls here, who looks like the one who is crazy?
The crazy looking one got the dark hair and brown eyes and
she still can't pull off a practical joke.  We were supposed to be serious here.
Oy! Homemade hair cuts are way better than homemade perms.  Trust me.
I'd kill to have that furniture now!

I think the problem is the famous people pictured above resemble my mom's brothers in complexion and features and therefore are not in the least bit attractive to me because that would almost feel incestuous. Linda Ronstadt I think is attractive, and so was my mom but it's a different kind of physical appeal.

Anyway, do you have relatives who look like famous people? Do you think Jack Nicholson is sexy? Do you dislike the looks of someone everyone else thinks is hot?


Tonya said...

How did I miss this post?

Jack Nicholson is only considered sexy because of his personality and voice. Appearance-wise, he is unattractive as hell.

Your mom resembles Linda Ronstadt. I can see it. I like her eyebrows.

You look like such an ornery Frim. I love that picture of you! <3

Frimmy said...

K, I missed out on his personality because what I know of him he seems like a dick. Maybe the voice is sexy but that would only get him so far. Do you think his voice and personality are sexy?

The ornery looking one is my sister. Sheesh! I'm quietly reading the news paper like the genius I am!

Frimmy said...

Seriously, that picture of my sister makes me laugh every time.


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