Purple Sands of Pfeiffer Beach

Along the expanse known as Big Sur in Monterey California is Pfeiffer Beach.  It's usually not crowded, they say, and it's fairly cheap to get into the park.

What marks Pfeiffer Beach as interesting besides the surreal rock formations, seemingly constructed by aliens, is the purple sand.

The sand gets its color from minerals that compose it like any other beach sand around the world. I mean, how do you get pink or blue hydrangeas, right? You vary the mineral content in the soil, over simply put.  Sand is mostly made of quartz and is clear or translucent which is why sand is mostly light in colour.  

Pfeiffer Beach sand is made from manganese garnet deposits in the rocks around the secluded cove. The colour ranges from rusty red to royal purple.

This was my timeline background picture on facebook for a while.  It shows pock marks of honeycomb erosion in the rocks and reminds me of something you'd see in Dune.

I have to say I was relieved the sand didn't get its purple colours from some kind of bacteria or algae.  It's simply from the rock itself weeping colour onto the usually monochromatic colour of a beach palette.


Noelle said...

I like purple so I would like to go there. Curiously no one seems to be on these beaches.

Anonymous said...

I have been on white, brown and black sand. Now I must walk on purple and green sand. Just gorgeous. Nature is just full of surprises isn't it?


Zandverzamelaar said...

Hi all, Its beutiful especially for me as a sandcollector. Who likes to send me a sample. I'm living in The Netherlands. All costs of shipping and package will be paid. You can find me in Facebook.

Thanks Jelle Talma

Zandverzamelaar said...

Hy all, what a magnificent sand, especialy for me as a sandcollector.

Is there someone who can send me a sammple? All costs of shipping and packing will be paid.

Thanks, Jelle The Netherlands

Frimmy said...

Zandverzamelaar, I don't live anywhere near Pfeiffer, nor do I have samples to sell.

If you are interested, you can buy Pfeiffer Beach sand on eBay by clicking this link. Or if you wish to find your own seller, I found the ebay link by googling the words "buy purple sand Pfeiffer Beach". You can also add the words Big Sur because that's where the purple beach is found.

I hope this helps.


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