Queen Shrimps

Is it me or does everyone look 15 here?

Crabbie mentioned this web site today and I had a lot of fun checking out pictures because I'm bored and have no life. When I came across this one it made me laugh out loud, you know, cuz of Freddie.  

Also Brian May usually looms a head taller than his band mates and he looks all bent over here so I asked google how tall he was.  Apparently the internet consensus is he is only 6'2".  The other guys must be shrimps.  So I went looking for a picture of Queen where they're all standing together and let me tell you, there aren't many where they're just standing calmly together and not jumping around and performing.  I suppose I could have found some video but embedding issues today have driven me crazy. Here's a picture I found where they're looking really annoyed with the photographer. Kind of like they're thinking; "WTF is with people who disable embedding for their videos?  If you disable your video, mate, I'm not going to link to your page either so suck that."

Well you may be tallest, Brian, but we're the astrophysicist.
Wait, you're the astrophysicist too...well we have straighter hair.  Yeah, suck that.

Brain May's hair is cut off in this picture and the other shrimps could grow several inches before that happened.  John Deacon reminds me of someone...

Canadian $10 with Sir John A MacDonald

J A MacD

John Deacon


Tonya said...

That picture is SO 1980!!! The skin tight jeans with tennis shoes and loose shirts tucked in.


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