Picture Dump

Because I'm beat and uninspired (more than usual) here is some stuff.

Beautiful Anna Sten

I've walked on the Capilano Suspension Bridge,
Vancouver British, Colombia.   Way cool 

I don't like commitment, it's true, however
I'm considering death since I don't get enough sleep.

Who the lad would have resembled if he hadn't
spent three plus years in braces.

Still don't know what this is.  Still wanna

Love this bedroom

cool light fixture

Freddie with cats...


Little kid in a Johnny Cash costume.  This is so damn adorable!

No words necessary

Why is this here?

Garth Brooks.  Hahaha!!!!

Royal Tour, Diana and Charles Summerside PEI 1983

Diana, centre, disembarking from the Royal barge. 

Ashton Kutcher

Avril Poseur Badass Lavigne


Johnny Actual Baddass Cash



Frimmy said...

Day six of seven straight days. Nine plus hours a day running full out with no real breaks or lunchtime. I'm not cut out for this kind of marathon. I have two days off in a row but the second day I have a staff meeting in the evening. Then back on the treadmill Friday followed by an eleven hour day on Saturday. Don't know when my next days off will be. I work. I make dinner for my kid and hang out a bit. I sleep. That's my life.

Tonya said...

I want you to quit working. I'm tired of it.

Loved the pics. I love how into his bird flipping Johnny Cash was.

Frimmy said...

Johnny Cash had the very best bird in this collection.


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