The Art of Ebru

Paper marbling is really the art known as ebru.  If you read the post below you already know it's done with ink or paint on water and lifted from the surface of the water with paper.   Ebru takes this one step further by creating images in the ink.

Painting on ebru by Garip Ay

Turkish ebru and Japanese suminagashi are both examples of floating colours on the surface of water or a gelled substance called size

In the 15th century this method is thought to have emerged in Central Asia. It is believed to have appeared during the end of the Islamic Timurid Dynasty, whose final capital was in the city of Herat, located in Afghanistan today.

The word ebru comes to us possibly from the Turkish and means "clouded".  Or it might be related to the word "colourful" or "variegated".

I've included a video below of Yasemin Ozsavasci creating a carnation.  I find watching it being created very calming and the soundtrack helps a lot too.  Which on this particular day, has been extremely needed.

Even though this is a still life, you can almost feel a
gentle swirling movement in the form of the flower

This is Garap Ay and I have included two examples of his work below.  Both his ebru and his paintings on ebru are sublime.  He is based in Chicago but comes from and learned his skill in Turkey.  He is an ebru Master and earned this title in 2011.

Traditional ebru

Check out Garip Ay's gallery of traditional ebru here

Painting on ebru

 Check out Garip Ay's gallery of painting on ebru here.


Turkish paper marbling by Yasemin Ozsavasci said...

Thank you very much for including my video on your blog :)

Frimmy said...

Thank YOU for giving us such beauty!

Tonya said...

Beautiful! I love the camels!

Unknown said...

Where can I take classes to learn this? I love it!

Frimmy said...

It's lovely, isn't it? It's beautiful and serene just watching it.


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