Vegemite - ZamZam Chicken - Fried Chicken Recipe

Yeast spread acting insidiously appealing on a beach

Vegemite (Australian) and Marmite (British) are brown pastes made from the by product of beer brewing. People willingly spread this on their toast and eat it as part of a good breakfast.

I've tried it. It's really not hideous but I also can't see why I would want to try it again. It tastes like a yeasty by product.  So, well done if that's what you were going for.

Recently Kraft has come under criticism for designating their Vegemite as Halal. It is considered "too politically correct". Halal is a term in Islamic Law that indicates something permitted with regard to speech, actions and food.  Halal meat is ritually slaughtered according to Islamic Law requirements.  (Things not permitted are called haraam)

Why would Kraft feel the need to add "Halal" to the label?  I would imagine because Vegemite is the by product of the brewing of beer an alcoholic beverage not permitted by Islamic Law. I'm one to question everything a major corporation does but this one seems reasonable to me.

I've seen kosher coffee. It means a rabbai came into the manufacturing plant and deemed it kosher for which the company paid him money.  Is coffee even on the list of commandments Moses carried down the mountain with the Ten Commandments? (Yes there were more than ten. More like tens of thousands of commandments) Why would a company need to designate coffee as kosher?  Seriously, if I'm ignorant, please inform me.

So yesterday I was craving fried chicken.  The lad always loves it when I crave something because as he has said; "If you are craving cake, then I get cake". So he got fried chicken. I have a recipe I have been using since I was fifteen.  I got it from an ancient Chatelaine magazine.

I'm happy to report that some of my chicken was halal because I found out Walmart is now selling Lilydale Zamzam chicken which is halal.


Zamzam is the name of a well which Muslims believe was caused by Allah when Hager's son Ismail was crying of thirst.  The well is still issuing water and can be found in Mecca very close to the Kaaba.  The Kaaba is where all Muslims must make a pilgrimage at least once in their life.

So, it's cool that anyone who is Muslim need not go out of their way to find halal chicken since Walmart has thoughtfully begun carrying it.  Walmart is not known to be generous or polically correct in anything and you can be sure they would not be carrying it if there weren't a huge population of Muslims to support it.

Everything I've learned about Islam I've learned from my friend Elham.  One day I will do a post about her.

Easy Fried Chicken 
(use halal chicken or not, I don't care)

1/2 cup    bread crumbs
1/2 cup    flour
4            envelopes chicken bouillion powder
1 tsp       cracked peppercorns

This does four large pieces of chicken.

Coat the chicken pieces, fry them about 15 minutes on each side so they're lightly golden brown, bake them in the oven at 350 until done.  Baking the chicken gets rid the oil from the frying step but keeps the flavour.  

Note: Do yourself a favour and get a pepper mill if you don't already have one. Cracked pepper from a mill is killer compared to the ground type you put in shakers.  If I didn't have pepper from peppercorns I'm pretty sure I wouldn't use it.  I use the four peppercorn blend but simple black is good also.



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