Why All The Snake Hate?

Rubber snake on a string prank

This is kind of funny and I know my father would probably react like a scared little girl if he saw this snake. You should know that in all my years of knowing him I have never seen him react even once when something scary happens. As a kid, I spent a lot of my time setting up situations where I could jump out at him and scare him. Nothing. Ever. I don't think he 'does' reactions. Except for laughter. All those times I tried to scare him he never got upset with me either.  He was all; "Good try, better luck next time Newt". Yes he called me Newt, as in "Slooooow down, Newt, you're headed for the rhubarb".  Or Number One Daffter.  A little Charlie Chan influence there.  Out of deference to him I never tried to scare him with a snake.

Why do so many people hate snakes? One guy is even willing to stomp on the snake and if it had been a real one, what did it do to deserve death?

I could see it if it was a coiled angry rattler with its eye on you but even then it would rather not bite you if it could escape.  Making venom is taxing physically and a rattler would rather save its venom for prey.  In fact even when a rattler bites, it only releases a deadly amount of venom in about 25% of the bites (citing that fact from memory, correct me if I'm wrong).  Adults have learned how to control their venom. Young snakes are the ones that cause serious bite injuries because they blow their whole wad in one bite.  If you will.

I'm not the kind of person who seeks out the company of snakes, I don't have any as pets, but I just don't understand why people are creeped out by them especially when they are so beneficial.  Up here where I live we don't have rattlers or huge snakes so I've never had to adjust my life to accommodate a possible maiming or death by snake so maybe it's my perspective?

Must I spend ALL my time advocating for the underdogs of the animal kingdom?? Share the planet, people.



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