3D Kids' Doodles

Maddox's crusade against your kids' drawings is amusing and I understand the sentiment behind it but I found myself completely charmed by someone different recently.  

Wendy Tsao is an artist who recreates kids drawings into 3D replicas. What I love about her work is the attention to detail and dedication to remaining faithful to the original artist's drawing. Her website, found here, is called Child's Own Studio. She includes a brief description behind the drawing which I find also find interesting.  

Monster by Bryce

One quick story: A 33 month old child named Bryce drew a chalk picture on the sidewalk and called it "Monster". His dad took a pic and asked Ms Tsao to render it for him and suggested colours. He wondered if Bryce would recognize the toy. He did and it scared the crap out him because it was his "Monster!". Fortunately, explained the father, his older son loved it so there was a happy ending.  

I have to say I love the scribbled ones the best. The ones where the picture almost needs to be interpreted and Ms Tsao is an excellent interpreter. Below are some more examples of her work and the art work that inspired it. 

Drawn by a child who could not have a cat of her own

Elf King

Ahahaha!!!!  I love this one

Opera singer

This one totally makes me break out laughing every time.

So does this one...

and this one

and this one

Take a bow, Wendy Tsao,
You deserve it!

Thank you so much for letting me to use your photos!

Update: I noticed on Wendy's website she isn't taking orders right now.  I guess she's kind of backed up.  She does have a showcase page where you can link to other artists who do the same thing.  They aren't affiliated with each other and they will have their own websites and pricing and so on but if you're interested in getting something made, this will open up possibilities.  Here is the link to that page.


Angie said...

Wow, I LOVE this!! If Ms. Tsao had been around when my kids were young, I would have some really interesting creations, because my kids drew some really messed up things.

Frimmy said...

You have a granddaughter with a perverse sense of the absurd. We only have to wait until her fine motor skills catch up with the workings of her mind. I, for one, can't wait!

iambriezy said...

I couldn't possibly love this any more. Do you mind if I share this on facebook?

Anonymous said...

This is so adorable and wonderful. Loved it.


Frimmy said...

Briezy, please share this anywhere you wish!

What kind of messed up things did your kids draw, Angie?

Ann, I was bowled over by the cuteness! Glad you loved it

Tonya said...

Oh man, this is the cutest thing EVER!


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