Alley Burger - Eat St. Food Network Feature

My sister saw this episode on TV and since Calgary is very close to me she told me that if I didn't search for, find this truck and eat its burgers she would find me and kill me in my sleep.  This is Alley Burger's website.  I went.  I ate.  I shall now rave.  I take my sister's need to eat vicariously through me very seriously.

The line up from across the street AFTER we got our food.

We were 8 minutes early for opening 

Pop cooler in my fave colour.  It held gourmet orange and cream soda

Poutine with DUCK gravy.

Upside down Whole Truck double patty burger.
With the really perfect side facing away from the camera.
 Not cheese slices.  Cheese curds.

Lad's tee shirt says: 
Front: "It says 'I told you so' on my back"
Back: I told you so

We were unable to eat everything we ordered. I bring the lad to hoover up the things I can't finish but even he wasn't up to the task. I am ashamed to say that the weight of the bag after depositing the food we couldn't eat was about the same weight as a typical McDonald's meal. How could we have known their double burger was so HUGE? It was a little embarrassing but we will know for next time.  If you would like to go and haven't been yet, a single patty is plenty and a small order of fries is more than enough for two people.  The pop is good, but pricey, so you can further streamline your cost by bringing your own beverage.

Condiments were interesting. Ketchup and vinegar for the fries but in addition, there were shakers of sea salt, Portuguese spice, and an eye catching Truffle salt and pepper combination. Today's special add ons were sauteed mushrooms and avocado slices. Tempting but I knew my burger was going to be too tall already.

While we were in the line up, a chatty gentleman recommended this donut place and specifically raved about the carrot cake donut. So why not?  

About to be invaded by aliens apparently.  Note reflection in the window on the left.  What is that?  A really tall baby?

Top: Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting and candied carrots
Left: The lad's chocolate, chocolate thing with chocolate sprinkled with chocolate and brainwashed to a deep chocolate by fanatical easter bunnies
Right: Maple Bacon which had frosting that tasted like my dad's brown sugar fudge.


Angie said...

I don't know what to think of this. I'm jealous and yet, it's in Canada and everyone knows how much Canada sucks.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm so jealous, I could spit.

As for the duck, that looks suspiciously like french fries. Can you explain the dish?

Frimmy said...

This is a French-Canadian dish called Poutine. Pronounced: Pooh TEEN

It is french fries, gravy and fresh cheese curds. In this case DUCK gravy.

We can even get this dish at MacD's KFC (the best fast food poutine, I'm told) BK and Wendy's.

Tonya said...

I've never had Poutine either. I am suspicious of it.

Frimmy said...

I'm ambivalent about it. But I do love me some duck.

Growing up on PEI we had something called 'fries with the works'. This consisted of fries and a hamburger gravy topped with sauteed onions and canned peas. I know the canned peas sound gross but trust me they work with this dish. This is the dish for which I would compromise principles.

Anonymous said...

All these food items appear to be low cal. Please confirm.

And the carrot cake donut looks delish.

I am Canadian, but don't eat poutine. Never cared for gravy on fries.


Frimmy said...

No calories at all because you eat everything standing. That's the key. Oh and no china. The carrot cake donut got eaten before I had a chance to try it but the lad left me a pile of carrot shaving garnish. Nice huh?


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