Someone recommended this website, Meissa I believe, and I had a couple of good laughs so I thought I would share it. It's called Cholafied and it's a collection of photos of famous people who have had a photoshopped Chola makeup treatment.

I thought I would begin by defining my idea of Chola but I couldn't find anything share worthy. Instead Google image search gave me mostly decently made up women.

This is actually not hilarious, like the Chola makeup I was looking for.
The neck tattoo and lip liner is a bit much.

Oh there were several mug shots of cholas but I decided I didn't want a Chola convict/gang member featured on my blog.  Yes, I'm a total coward.

She still has her eyebrows too...

While I was looking for images I looked up the significance of the tear drop tattoo and makeup image that you see on a lot of faces. I read that a filled in tear usually means that person has killed someone. A tear outline means they have lost someone. A half filled tear means they lost someone who was then avenged by the person with the tear drop tatt.

Here are some images from Cholafied:

Angelina's Oscar Leg

Honey Booboo Child, weird because
I already pictured her this way

Some American Politician

butter, y'all!!! 

Go have a look.  I had a hard time recognizing a lot of people.  Scroll over the pictures to see who it is.



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