Cute as a Button!

I miss my aquarium. I want another one.

So...below check out this pufferfish. Isn't it adorable? It's got a little smile going on and two eyes staring out from the front of its face like a puppy.

It's saying; "I wuv you! Please take me home! xoxo ;-)"

I bought a pufferfish once based entirely on its cuteness. The aquarium guy mentioned in passing that "it isn't really a community tank kind of fish". I wondered to myself what was the worst that could happen? It might get scared and blow up like a balloon. That would be the coolest thing ever!

I brought it home and dropped the baggie into the top of the fish tank to allow the bag water to acclimate to the tank water. (Sudden differences in temps are not good for fish)

In typical humahn fashion, I anthropomorphized the fish and imagined the puffer was excited by its new surroundings. (Really, it was!) I watched it darting around with its nose (!) bumping the bag, watching the movement below while it anticipated joining the other fish in this beautiful tank. I saw it focus on a couple of coolie loaches I had that hung out in the bottom center of the tank.

This is a coolie loach. Notice the tail fin. Remember it.

When the time came for its release, I cut the bag and let it out. It immediately made a bee line for the loaches, bit off the tail fin of one and immediately went in for more. I'm pretty sure the fish in the tank collectively screamed.

I spent the next half a minute watching every fish in the tank running for its life like I had unleashed a blood-crazed, maniac on them.

I scooped up that cute, little fucker, put it in a ziploc and marched it right back to the aquarium place.

Tiny puffers are cute all right. Cute as a button where button means starved psychotic monkey.


Angie said...

"Cute, little fucker". Indeed.

I laughed my insensitive ass off at this post.

I do feel sorry for the fin-less fish, though. Did he live?

Frimmy said...

The coolie loach grew his fin back but often woke in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. You know it was bad if it was sweating cold in a heated aquarium. I hope that puffer got fed to an arowana.

I once had an episode of vigilante tank justice.

Gourami's are a colourful kind of fish who pair up and enchant people with their supposed affection.

When the female becomes engorged with eggs, the male is supposed to curl himself around her and help her squeeze them out. If he doesn't the eggs will continue to grow until her body ruptures and she dies. I had a pair of blues where this happened. I removed her body from the tank and went away for the weekend. When I came back, the only thing left of the blue male was his skull, empty of eyeballs and bobbing in an undignified manner at the bottom of the tank. All I heard from the other fish were snickers.

Tonya said...

BUT... his eyes... his cute, iddy biddy EYES!!!!

Tonya said...

We had oodles of gouramis when I was growing up. Females only.

Frimmy said...

Do they only produce eggs when they're in a committed opposite sex relationship or did you have gouramis exploding like popcorn on a regular basis?

A-Gran said...

I honestly don't remember. Stepfather had the fish tanks. I got to admire them and do none of the work. Win-win.

Unknown said...

do you know the scientific name of the puffer fish?


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