Diner Deluxe, 'You Gotta Eat Here' Feature

Diner Deluxe, website here, had the best interior decorating so far. Thrown together with mismatched tables and chairs, lamps and other fascinating things from the recreation rooms and garages of your grandparents, Diner Deluxe was delightfully retro without being kitschy.

I would kill for the lamp in the top left corner

The coffee was killer and arrived in mismatched mugs. Just like you'd get at my place.

Vinyl seating is hot

First off I want to state that I will go back and try again, I wanted to love this place.

There was a crowd outside waiting for a table and chatting companionably in small groups. I was hanging with my cousin - the who accompanied me to Nazareth -  and that is always fun. Besides I don't mind waiting for something if it's going to be good.

Once inside we were presented with a menu with an eclectic mix of comfort food and innovative food options that I found charming. Grilled ruby grapefruit with rosemary syrup? Yum! I wish I had ordered it!

Instead I went against a personal policy of NEVER ordering anything with hollandaise sauce outside my own kitchen. I asked the server about the hollandaise and she assured me it was made from scratch. I should have asked for more details, you know, because scrambling together sugar, vanilla, butter and cocoa powder is making something from scratch but I wouldn't call it hollandaise sauce. I'm not saying that's what it tasted like. I'm saying "it's made from scratch" is not enough detail.

What I had looked almost exactly like this:

It looked like I could trust the hollandaise

I will reserve judgement for now because things went wrong with this experience that had nothing to do with Diner Deluxe. In spite of that, I will say that so far I don't understand why they rated a feature on You Gotta Eat Here. Just because hipsters say it's good doesn't mean it is. What do they know, they grew up on Kraft Mac 'n Cheese and pop tarts.

Aside from the decor, what those of us at the table ordered was not outstanding but I think it was mainly what we opted to order and not necessarily badly done cuisine.

One of the things that went wrong is the new discovery, or more like a resigned acceptance of something I've suspected for a while, that I cannot eat eggs. I can eat baked goods, or salad dressings made with eggs, or things with an egg wash, or maybe it's just some kinds of eggs, I don't know, but if it is a whole egg I can generally count on feeling really ill after I eat one. Like, say, the poached egg, containing one whole egg, in the picture above. This is not the fault of the diner so I will try again and stay away from breakfast.  Diner Deluxe shouldn't suffer because I can't be objective. Next time, I'm definitely trying the grilled grapefruit.


Tonya said...

Oh, do give it another try! I want to love that place too! I adore kitsch.

Frimmy said...

I commented to the server that the coffee was killer. My cousin told her that I knew what I was talking about and directed me to tell her why.

First off, the coffee at Tims is working man coffee. Think of Tims as Starbuck's conservative, steady as a rock maiden aunt. Coffee snobs pride themselves on NOT liking our coffee so I hesitate, ALWAYS, to bring my work into a conversation about coffee.

So I hesitantly admitted I work for Tim Hortons and the first thing out of her mouth was:

"How do you deal with enraged customers at six in the morning?!! I could never do that!!"

Indeed. I can't wait to try their meatloaf it looked really good. And I have to try their grilled grapefruit with rosemary syrup.


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