Duck Feet Nails Are The New French

So I was reading somewhere today that duck feet nails are a trend. Duck feet nails + trend...this is an example of simple English words strung together in a way that makes me suspect I have Alzheimer's because those words together don't make any sense.

Yeah, I'm looking at your feet and your nails are ugly, I can't lie.

I thought maybe they meant a style of shoes?

Stupid, but still making sense in a nonsensical shoe kind of way

But no, this is not right either.  This is duck feet nails:

Behold the stupidity of women's fashion.

It's like they think the MORE they add the BETTER it gets. 

On my journey to discovery regarding duck feet nails, it pains me to have to type that out again,  I discovered other trending styles in women's nails.

Aquarium nails with actual liquid and floaty stuff.  Probably real live amoebas

And my personal favourite of all the stupid - Bubble nails!

When did it become unfashionable for women to actually use their hands for working? Or typing? Or general hygiene? Or anything requiring an actual hand? Trust me when I say that NONE of these nails are fit for a good back scratch! They're too thick. They just tickle.

I've gotten old haven't I? That's what it is. I have reached that age where nothing makes sense and all new trends are ugly and laughable. Well, I have real nails. They're not talons but they're decent. They're also not worthy to be presented here among these pictures but I'm more than a little fine with that.


Tonya said...

I think the duck nails are cute in the french tips. I don't think it would be an every day look, but I can see where it would be cute on a young girl for something new. The aquarium nails seem unsanitary and as someone who trained to be a nail tech, I can say that bubble nails are a pain and they're ugly as sin. All in all, I don't care much about fingernails but I'd pay a lot for eyelash extentions.

Tonya said...

Also, the cuticles on some of those models look really bad and I wonder about infection setting in.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered about the hygiene of the women with the impossibly long nails. The ones that need to use a pencil to dial the phone. How do you shampoo your hair? Pick up a Q tip? Insert a tampon? I mean, seriously.


Anonymous said...

Bubble nails looks like you have an infection.


Tonya said...

I've seen some horrifying things under fingernails, but if you grow them out long soaking them in Alka Seltzer will get them clean.


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