Fat City Franks - "You Gotta Eat Here" Feature

Fat City Franks Calgary, formerly Le Chein Chaud Gourmet Hot Dogs (that's um...French-ish for hot dog) was the latest stop in my Taking One For My Sister tour of local eateries featured on various Food Network programs.

The Coney Island: chopped onion, chili and cheese.  This one is with a farmer's sausage
Potato salad and coleslaw. Coleslaw was a little bland. Otherwise really good.

This one was featured on You Gotta Eat Here hosted by John Catucci and aired on May 11. Fat City Franks is a hot dog place filled with charming hot dog kitsch and satisfied customers. Their website is here.

Sorry about the blurry pic.  Hot dog menu is above the counter

The Canadian: mustard, ketchup, relish,
chopped onions and chopped banana peppers

I explained to Jane Steckle, owner along with Bob her husband, that I was there on the urging of my sister who had seen them featured on You Gotta.... She asked where my sister was from and I told her (Ontario, half a continent away).  I said I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the show and two other parties at the tables beside us said they were from Edmonton and had come down to Calgary just to try the hot dogs they had seen featured on the show.  Both of them. That's two hours north of here at least.

I asked Jane if she minded if I took pics and she was perfectly fine with it and then with the newfound awareness of the kind of viral public world she now lives in she added that it was fine as long as it wasn't for my own profit or other business reasons.  Oh hell no!

She seemed so genuinely happy and flattered that the show has brought them so many guests.  I loved her. Don't forget that her husband is there doing half the work too, though. 


Angie said...

I love that you and the lad seek out fun things to do on your day off. You're a great mom :)


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