Geek Alert! Black Hole Kills & Eats Star

I don't know how comfortable I am calling this murder like most of the articles I read have been doing.  It's a star being consumed by a black hole.  I mean we start calling this murder and the next thing you know killing monkeys will be called murder.

A way cool thing happened this week.  Scientists believe they have discovered the crumbs left on the table after a black hole ate a star that ventured too close.  Sort of the way a monkey eats a tourist who tries to shake hands with them and all you find afterward is their Tilley hat, walking shoes and ear cartilage.

Here is the representation of this feast:

Black holes tend to rest quietly unless they're the antagonist in a science fiction story or the ammunition in a kick ass weapon.

Black holes can usually be found at the centres of galaxies, including our own.  They mind their business unless something passes too close and gets its attention. Then they become killing machines but it's the things own fault for invading the black hole's personal space in the first place. I mean would you jump into a tank full of starving sharks?

A star becomes the victim of a feeding frenzy

A black hole is also pretty much invisible. However if a star passes too closely, matter from the star will begin to be sucked into the black hole's gravity causing the hole to become visible in the same way that clouds and debris cause a tornado's vortex to be visible. Really you're not seeing the tornado so much as the effects of the tornado. Same with black holes.

Also the friction with the gases will cause everything to glow. The scientists have watched this glow for almost a year without realizing what they were seeing. After analyzing the data they now know, that conclusion was published this week.

They were able to determine that this is the second course for the black hole on this particular star. The first course only ate away its outer hydrogen shell. Second course was the remaining helium core on its second passby. No dessert on the menu although I'd like to suggest a baked Envisat satellite.


Angie said...

Anything after "killing monkeys" just became white noise in my head.

Frimmy said...

You mean you even missed the "baked Envisat satellite" reference??!! Dang...monkeys make everything worse.


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