Got My Stuff Planted

But it's not looking good for their survival. Poor things.


Anonymous said...

Oh goddamn it. I hate it when I write a big long thing out and then I'm not logged in. This is bullshit and I'm too lazy to write it all over again. Plus, I didn't have anything worthwhile to share. Blah blah, too cold. Blah blah, nice Canadian flag on the tab.

I'm so fucking lazy today that I actually feel bad about it. I feel guilty. My house is filthy and I fed EmoBoy Hamburger Helper. I'd have fed him sandwiches, but I ran out of bread. I can't believe how lazy I am today. This is unacceptable.

Angie said...

Well, isn't someone all self-important that she can comment, not sign her name and just expect everyone to know it's her?


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