Greyhound Bus Cannibal Released

I've been debating about writing about this news story since I heard about it yesterday - a young friend railed against it on his facebook status - and then I saw it on Crazy Days and Nights today. This should be a story about a young man named Tim McLean, but it isn't so much. Nevertheless I wanted his name to come before his murderer's name, the man who is getting the news coverage.

Vince Li

Four years ago on the evening of July 30, 2008, in a land far, far away from you but very, very close to me, Vince Li boarded a Greyhound bus heading east, following a man he never met. He subjected the passengers to one of the most horrific scenes of random brutality that I have ever read about, when he stabbed Tim McLean 66 times and then, when he knew he was dead, beheaded him, gutted him and proceeded to eat him in front of most of the passengers on that bus.

These are not the actions of a sane man. These are the actions of someone who will never be sane. 

However, On May 17, 2012, the National Post reported that Vince Li has been granted temporary passes that will allow him out of Manitoba's Selkirk Mental Health Centre for visits to the town of Selkirk, supervised by a nurse and peace officer. A judge recently determined that this man was not responsible for his actions and he has been approved for this release starting with thirty minute trips into town and eventually leading to complete days and even nights.

The incident took place near Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, 

during a trip from Edmonton, two hours north of me

to McLean's hometown of Winnipeg, one province to the east

Crazy Days and Nights asked: "If he is well enough to go to town when will he be well enough to go to jail?" A logical question. My young friend suggested he be put in a cage with chimpanzees.

The problem is, Vince Li was found not criminally responsible.  

But that's the trick with being found not "criminally responsible". You may have done something criminal, but you get a free pass on doing the time.

Tim McLean

Tim McLean was 22

I guess Vince Li was having a no good very bad day. Poor, poor Vince Li. How inconvenient for him.

This is Li in the driver's seat, chatting comfortably,
Where is Tim McLean?  Oh yeah...

Tim McLean was somebody's son

I don't really care why this judge found Vince Li not criminally responsible. I don't really care what his doctors think about his excellent prognosis. If Vince Li is sane he does not have a happy future and here is why.

If he was returned to normal sanity then he would know that he took an innocent person's life. That's the kind of thing that would cause a normal person to never be normal again. 

Add to that the fact that he stabbed Tim McLean enough times to kill him approximately 66 times give or take, beheaded him and ate him and you've got the kind of thing that would weigh a normal person's conscience down for eternity. 

In addition, not only did he cause this man to die a horrible death and his body suffer heinous indignities, he caused this man's family the worst kind unspeakable shock a family can suffer. This would cause a normal person to carry the kind of weight for the kind of eternity that would outlive the fires of hell (if only there were such a place).

And he did it in front of a bus load of passengers who can never unsee or unhear what they witnessed that day. Let's throw that weight on the normal shoulders of Vince Li also because that's where it belongs.

This is the kind of weight that would cause a normal, well adjusted person to commit themselves to an institution for life to make sure they never, ever did anything like that again. Or, in the event that the keepers in the institution said they were normal, it's the kind of weight that would cause a normal, well adjusted person to be unable to deal with it to the point where they would commit suicide.

I sincerely hope one or the other happens in the case of Mr. Li and if not, I sincerely hope he opts to move in somewhere very nearby the doctors who determined he was capable of being sane and normal and thereby unleashing him on the rest of us.

My sincerest sympathies to the family of Tim McLean and the town of Selkirk, Manitoba.


Angie said...

This is all kinds of awful. I'm not sure who I feel the most sorry for. Those poor passengers having to live with that gruesome scene in their heads has to be the worst. Why did no one try to step in, I wonder?

Frimmy said...

I left out a lot of details in the interest of brevity.

I believe the bus all but emptied as it came to a stop and once Li brandished the head like a trophy and then dropped it on the ground/floor as if it were nothing, to turn back to the body and continue his ravaging of Tim McLean.

The Greyhound driver disabled the bus before he left so Li could not escape and the driver and two others blocked the doors so he couldn't leave on foot.

Also, in texts to his ex girlfriend, Tim McLean mentioned a few of the passengers had taken ecstasy and were watching a movie. He made no mention of Li and was sleeping with headphones on when Li moved to the back of the bus to sit with him.

The thing I hate about this is that there is NO question about whether Li did this thing or not. That is enough to lock him up for good as far as I am concerned. If there had been a question about his guilt, or not enough evidence to prove his guilt, then I could see the not "criminally responsible" designation and a certain amount of rehabilitation attempts.

Angie said...

Sounds like he needs a good killin'

Tonya said...

I don't even know what to say about this. I know the case and saw that he's allowed to roam around free and I honestly don't know what to think or say. It boggles my mind. My husband did 33 months for counterfeiting checks. 33 months and when his beloved grandmother died, he couldn't get a pass to see her. When he had a heart attack, he was kept handcuffed even as he was being life lifted in a helicopter. As his wife, I was able to visit with him for one hour a day as he lay in ICU under the watch of an armed guard.

He wrote CHECKS and this guy gets a day pass.


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