A Hefty Collection of Vehicles Brought to You by Dodge

One of our faithful, regulars showed up with this today:

Only redder, cleaner, shinier and more convertibley

He parks by the drive thru window and we are able to see it arrive, bask itself in the sun and leave so we have a lot of time to admire the parade and the latest in a long line of other vehicles with whom he has short term relationships.  The Viper has recently replaced this little girl:

Not seen often, and never with children

The Charger only made a few appearances.  Before that it was this:

Yawn, except the paint was opalized

Please keep in mind that my idea of remembering car detail is the colour, followed by how many wheels.  So these are just approximations.  Specific years I couldn't tell you and I don't care.  This one was my favourite:

probably not the right year, but it was blue and it was around 1966-ish and it was a Caddy
I know because my uncle had one around this age.  That's the only reason I know.  But Eldorado?  Fleetwood? DeVille?  Who knows

Also he can be seen driving this around on days when he doesn't want to drive a car:

or some other two wheeled Harley that is not a Dodge

When he's working he drives a [insert current or future year] white Dodge Ram and this work truck, along with everyone one of the vehicles I've seen him drive, is always in pristine, perfect, eat off the hood condition. There are no Cheerios to be found in any seat creases.

Here is the parade of cars I have owned in my lifetime:

This is an Opel GT somewhat like the one I owned when I was a kid.  I never drove it sadly.
I owned it for about ten minutes.  It was a dollar well spent.

My second car, bought two years ago, is a Honda. Dirt coloured and reliable. That's it. I am the boringest car owner EVER! I think I might look for another Opel just for the nostalgic value. I'm at the right age for a mid life crisis.


Angie said...

By any chance, is this guy single?

Frimmy said...

He is totally our type, my friend, but married with two kids. I touch not the married with kids thing. Besides his type is tiny, mocha-skinned women. Never going to achieve that look with any amount of money...


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