I Have Acquired a Nameless Phobia

What is the word for irrational fear of being eaten by a cannibal? 

Recently there has been a plethora of news items involving cannibalism. So many that I find it's on my mind even when I'm not reading about it. 

Phobia: An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something

People are randomly assaulting other people, killing them or seriously injuring them and then eating them. Killing and injuring is bad enough, but what's with the eating thing??

Did you know there is no phobia listed for fear of being eaten by a cannibal?

This is a huge oversight on the part of the phobia nomenclature experts. HUGE! The best we can do is phagophobia. This is a fear of swallowing, eating or being swallowed or eaten. Really that's two separate things. What the hell, people?!

Globophobia is the fear of balloons
art by Natalie Carr

Papophobia is fear of the pope. Warranted in this case.
Coulrophobia is fear of clowns

Kinemortophobia is fear of zombies
Art by Andre De Freitas

Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth

They have a name for pb sticking to the roof of your mouth but not fear of being eaten by a cannibal? OK...

is the ironically named phobia for fear of big words.

Aulophobia - Fear Of Flutes

I think it's time to get "fear of being eaten by a cannibal" its own name.

Phobias in alphabetical order can be found here. If you have alphaphobia message me and I'll find a randomized list not in alphabe...well, you know. 


Tonya said...

If there's not one now, there will be soon!

therobertmattias said...

I think the reason there is not name for the "irrational fear of being eaten by a cannibal" is because the fear of being eaten by a cannibal is completely rational.

Serenity said...

It's actually Anthropophagososphobia

Frimmy said...

Thank you!


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