I Like Blue Things

[photo: Keri Wilk
My favourite colour is green. Especially this green:

I wear black just because I can't be bothered coordinating anything. When I'm not wearing black, I'm wearing chartreuse which goes very well with black. When I'm surfing the internet for images, however, it's the blue things that catch my eye. 

Vibrant blue in living things jumps out and lassos my eye, wrenching my attention from stories about alien abductions and monkeys. And blue things are tricky. I automatically think blue things are sweet and adorable, how could they be anything else? It's a ruse because in nature some of the most poisonous things are a vibrant blue. Much like Smurfs, when you think about it, blue and poisonous little animated creatures.

The colour blue is used in marketing to communicate restful and relaxation messages. Sleep aids are most always blue, for example. Blue is used to calm and is the colour most often used by hospitals and airlines. Personally, I find blue walls in a home to be cold but I grew up with ice blue walls in an ice cold environment so maybe my perspective is skewed. But look at this series of tiny sea creatures in arresting shades of blue. LOOK at them!!! Adorable. 

Blue Button aka porpita porpita. Seriously.
Porpita porpita is a colony of hydroids hanging out just below the surface of the water, freaking out people who think they're jellyfish. Close, but not quite.

Sea Swallow aka Blue Dragon aka sea slug

Blue Dragon. They swim upside down so we only see their underside.

Restful, calm blue dragons eating an innocent blue jellyfish known as "by-the-wind sailors"
Currently washing up on California beaches

Aww...blue buddies!!

Portuguese Man o' War not being eaten by Blue Dragons

Blue Nudibranch, same family of sea slug as the Blue Dragon

I got every last one of these pictures on a page on this website where you can find all manner if interesting creatures pictured as well as all things related to Singapore. I would have reblogged the whole thing but I didn't have that option.

You may remember a post I did about photo of a river in Portugal named The Blue Dragon. When I did an image search to find the provenance of this photo, the above pictures were about all I could find without really fine tuning my search options. I love how one search sends you on a voyage of discovery about something entirely unrelated.


Tonya said...

That's my step-stepmother's favorite color too. She also had a fondness for the cobalt blue. I miss her.


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