One Less Sea Gull - Try To Hold It Together

One seagull has been relieved of its beach terrorizing ways and we have an octopus to thank. It happened near Victoria, BC and was caught on film by a woman who happened to be standing nearby.

She briefly had an urge to save the seagull but her fear of also being pulled down by the one metre long octopus prevented her. Score one for irrational fears.  They had one of these at the Seattle aquarium.  It was about five feet long. Fascinating creature. 

They can fit into any space large enough to accommodate their beak.  Which is really small

This is known as being mooned by an octopus.  Not really, I just made that up

The keepers fed it while I was there and did everything in their power to not let it touch their skin directly. Something about a substance on the arms/suckers that hurts skin. That's what I'd be worried about.

So...this is the one eating the seagull again

They're supposed to be finicky eaters. We can only hope that once getting a taste for gull the octopus, one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea, will move on to the other white meat of the sea as a source of food and tell all its friends as well.   Can we encourage a taste for monkeys?  Time will tell.


A-Gran said...

Octopi scare the living shit out of me. Nothing that looks like that can be anything but evil.


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