Pronounce Scotch Names Like a Scot

Brian Cox, proud Scot, lover of scotch and actor (Striker from X-Men) pronounces names of essential Scotches for us. The clips are accompanied by a brief note about the characteristics of the individual scotches which I thought was cool.

I was specifically looking for the right way to say Glenfiddich since there is some confusion out there. We clear up confusion (or add to it) here at Frimmbits because bits are what we choose to be about.

I didn't look for pronounciations for non Gaelic names because if you're North American and are having trouble pronouncing names like Johnnie Walker and J&B, then learning Gaelic names is not where you want to be focusing your attention.


Angie said...

Clearly, this Scot is an embarrassment to his country. If he were a TRUE Scotsman, he would have continued to drink for every pronunciation.

Tonya said...

I'm craving Scotch after all these wonderful posts. I don't even drink Scotch, for fuck's sake.

Frimmy said...

There's something warm and fireside-y and snuggly about scotch.


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