Roast Leg of Lamb Day

It's days like today, when I don't really feel like writing, where I love my blog because of the awesome things I learn. Up until today May 7 was my brother's birthday and now I can replace it with something far better and what is better than lamb?!

I love rack of lamb, order it in restaurants when they offer it and have made it a few times.  I don't care what seasonings they use, I've liked them all. I draw the line at leg of lamb and I'm not sure why. Because it looks like a leg of lamb?

This is a lamb with four such legs:

rack of lamb balanced on four legs of lamb

And this is how lambs use their legs o' lamb:

So I can't eat leg of lamb and I know I'm a hypocrite but the way I see it is, the legs of lamb have been harvested anyway, not eating the rack would just let that sacrifice go to waste!  Call me a hero.


Frimmy said...

One day off this week then Sunday off. Turns out Sunday is Mother's Day. Like anyone ever celebrated THAT in my entire career as a mother! Maybe I'll go somewhere and order rack of lamb. Do they have a McLambRack yet? So, maybe not.

Angie said...

Why are you not honored on Mother's Day, Frim?

A-Gran said...

Lamb-ert... LOL!

Seriously, you need to make them celebrate Mother's Day.


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