Royal Geraniums

Rhubarb in the background, left.

I found these in the sparsely populated gardening section this weekend and they were huge and pricey but the one of the nicest things they had. They're installed in the flower boxes on my deck. After looking everywhere for dracenas that weren't burgundy, I found some tiny green ones but now that I see the colour of the flowers better, maybe burgundy spikes would have looked nice...

I planted and lost a Jackmanii clematis a few years ago. Lost as in I thought it died but last year found huge purple blossoms woven into a shrub a fair way down the garden. I'm pretty sure it was blowing me raspberries too. I don't know where this clematis is basing its operations but I can't find it right now and by the time it blossoms it will be too late to redirect its enthusiastic flowering.  It needs to cooperate with me. This is no way to behave if you want your clematis to look like this:

Unlike this well behaved clematis, mine is a rogue who does whatever the hell it wants.

When it blooms this year, if I haven't tracked down its stem, I'll take pics and show you.



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