Smokie - More Videos (There will be quiz later, so pay attention)

I've talked about Smokie before and I have to admit I've been checking them out again. There's something about them and I really don't know what it is.

Smokie was a '70's glam rock, soft rock or pop rock group and completely not my style. They're English and had one North American hit you might recall "Living Next Door to Alice". Or maybe you didn't hear it. It seems that while they played catchy middle of the road rock songs, they didn't get much air time here, across the pond. The flip side was a song called "Needles and Pins", covered by a few bands but most interestingly co-written by Jack Nitzsche and Sonny Bono.

They had a huge European following and a lot of the live videos I found were recorded in Germany. 

Every version I could find of this song you could hear strings but no string section was performing. If you know what I mean. Ah '70's, you crazy wacky fakers. I liked this version because they are real. 

He opens with "Walking down the avenue..." and the audience starts clapping. This means a whole crowd of people are so completely familiar with this song that they clap in appreciation after he sings four words. I had never heard this song before this week. WTH? Lead singer, Chris Norman, left the band shortly after this. I don't think there is a male lead any where who had a better set of cheek bones or a better smile.

I wonder how it feels to look at your audience and realize they're mostly seniors. I don't mean 50 year old Vegas, token, seniors either. I mean actual geriatric seniors.

These songs aren't on my all time top ten but I confess I liked them. A lot. Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic, I don't know. These are three videos - one each from three of four decades of performing - that trace a path through time for one artist. How much music have I missed out there? So many little time not enough time.


Tonya said...

I like them and never heard of them before you. I think I'll play these while writing later. Thanks.

Frimmy said...

I wish I knew what it was that draws me.

I found a user on YouTube who had pages and pages of Smokie and Chris Norman videos. Chris has a number one fan out there. It was almost scary.


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