Stomp is a percussion/dance/janitor's closet troupe that originated in the UK. It is by far one of the best concerts/performances I have ever attended. This group manages to make the words 'dance troupe' come across straight enough for even the most uptight men in your circle of red necks. Even they will enjoy Stomp.

You might think a performance based solely on percussion would be a lot of noise. I thought so too. They were performing in the city I lived in at the time and I bought tickets for the lad and whoever among his friends he wanted to invite.  We all loved it. I thought I would have a raging headache by the time it was done. I didn't. In fact I felt energized which was a waste as it was 11pm on a weekday and work came early the next morning.  

Stomp takes everyday objects and turns them into instruments. It isn't just banging rhythmically either. Check out some of each of the videos below. They are all too long for someone sitting at the computer so don't feel you have to watch them in their entirety to appreciate them. What I want you to hear is the diverse range of sound they can harvest out of things we see every day. More than just noise, it is actually music, in the case of the "Pipes" video and it is also energy.

Then I want you to go to a concert when you have a chance.


Tonya said...

We have a group like this in Branson and I love them! Very primal and awesome!


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