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Have you ever tried to watch an embedded video in a web page, or on YouTube and been blocked like this?

Or, have you embedded a video in your own blog post only to find that upon playing it back it is blocked on YOUR site? Or less personally, Blogger's site? Below is what I saw when I was testing two successfully embedded videos in a post I have been trying to do. They played fine on YouTube and the embed link was there which is always a nice surprise because sometimes the embed code is disabled and you cannot embed it in the first place.

 I don't think this post is going to happen and it's too bad because
it was a tribute to the best post in the universe and now you'll never know.

Watch on YouTube we are commanded. [not said: you losers!]

In the grand scheme of things it is only mildly frustrating when I'm hamstrung by copyright laws or whatever laws require permission to publish material in another region or country. I'm not frustrated with with laws protecting those who have created and own something, I respect that.

I was going to suggest that if you're American you probably haven't run into this but is it a country thing, necessarily? Because "region" is used also. Are there regions within the US where these videos are unavailable? Why?

This is one of the reasons why I don't have a Kindle yet.

Occasionally, I will click 'play' and get the big forbid. Most times it doesn't faze me, most bloggers don't post videos I care to watch that much. Also one video here or there is not really a huge deal, I can live with it and I can usually find a conventional way around it if I want to see it badly enough. Some days though these restrictions come in clusters and that is a little frustrating. Click to play a video: restricted. Click to copy video embed code: disabled. Click to watch a video somewhere else: restricted. Click successfully embedded video in blog post: starts to play, successfully shows video logo and then shows the restricted notice.




I was once restricted from watching a video that focused entirely on a Canadian band. Now, that's lame.

That a video is unavailable to a Canadian blog reader is not any blogger's fault or responsibility unless it's a Canadian blogger appealing only to Canadians and using only Hulu video links because that would be really dumb, eh Hulu?

But the Kirstin Wiig farewell?  Nobody has it anywhere. So a big fuck you to SME (and Hulu because I feel like it) and all the laws involved for raining on my parade.

Hulu art museum exhibit:

Paul Mutant's website here 

So, can you get around restricted videos? Apparently I wasn't far off when I suggested (by screaming into the empty air around me) getting behind a non-Canadian proxy for the express purpose of watching a restricted-to-Canada video. Most times I know only enough to make me dangerous to myself but this time I lucked onto a plausible alternative.  One word: Don't do it.

I only care about watching the odd video and even then I don't care enough to hide behind a proxy. I just ask imbriezy to describe the video and I'm good. Yes I'm missing most of the cool but I'm fine with that and it's not worth utilizing the proxy option. 

I think proxies are devious and I'm a little  scared of them and fortunately I have no need to hide who I am. I have not run into any situations requiring me to go underground, luckily, and I don't slink around where I shouldn't be slinking. There are any number of services a proxy says they can provide for you and if you need these services I have to wonder if maybe you have more serious problems than needing to watch a 'restricted in your country' video. 

So if you wish to use a proxy you can but I tend to see it as sending my computer to hang out on the wrong side of the tracks and I can't help but feel that over there, you can pick up more 404 errors, adware, malware and viruses than a ten dollar whore. Nevertheless I could be totally wrong in suggesting that if you decide to go that route, use caution. A little safe cyber suggestion isn't going to hurt you even if it's misguided. What am I saying here...I haven't tried the proxy route, so don't take what I'm saying as an endorsement?  Yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


Noelle said...

It must be because your just the grey space on the map. I mean "there is something between here and Alaska?!"

That would be soooo frustrating! Are you being censored from the depraved culture of your neighbors?

iambriezy said...

That's what Socialism gets you. We don't have them video watchin' prollems in "Merica. Jesus loves US.

Tonya said...

Noelle and Briezy's comments made me smile.

I've seen the "not available in your country" thing a few times, but not often. You may have access to free medical care, but dammit... I get to watch SNL clips on youtube at my leisure.

Checkmate, Canada.

Frimmy said...

Well played, America. Well played


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