Avatar Banshees Look Like Swans To Me

I mentioned in the previous post that I loved Avatar simply because of the FX and how a world of plants, animals and 'people' were created from someone's imagination. The story? Meh. The cinematography was breathtaking.

Which reminded me about those Banshees on which they fly around. I can't look at the Avatar banshees and not see a swan. I went looking for a picture to show you but almost every picture the banshee is screaming. Anyway here are two where you can almost see it.

If the beast would EVER close its mouth you can see the flap at the bottom 
would resemble a beak. Plus the flap is orange. This is not a fluke

You can see it a bit better here. When their mouths are closed? Totally a swan.

It was hard to find pictures and I even googled "avatar banshee looks like swan" and nothing came up. I can't be the only person who sees this. I know I've forever ruined Banshees for the lad. He can't NOT see swans now too.

The swan imagery is SO blatant I can't imagine it was an accident. So does this pretty up the image of a Banshee? No, because swans are evil. A swan would eat your baby if it thought it could get away with it and if it was designed for eating meat. Which it isn't, so you can relax.


Tonya said...

My dog is smelly. It's her breath. What should I do about it?

iambriezy said...

Stop letting her lick your ass.

Tonya said...

Thank you!

Frimmy said...

There was no "Ask the Vet" post here. I think you have the wrong blog

Tonya said...

Dear Abby,

My friend Jack won't stop working. I keep telling him how dull it makes life around here but he refuses to listen. What should I do?


I don't give a shit if he's got an axe, he'll never get to us in the bathroom, Denny.

Frimmy said...

Dear I don't give a shit if he's got an axe, he'll never get to us in the bathroom, Denny:

Perhaps a bit of reading will help. I'd suggest here.

Sincerely, I'll just set my bourbon and advocaat down right there

Tonya said...

That was absolutely riveting. Thank you so much.

Tonya said...

Dear Miss Manners,

What should a proper lady wear to a KKK rally after Labor Day?


White after Labor Day? I'd look like a field hand


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