This blog is the first thing I have ever written that was not assigned by a teacher. I started out just trying to write clearly. It's informal here so I do not adhere to nazi grammar rules although I do try to observe the basics. I am terrible at spelling, relying on whether a work (<---that right there is what I'm talking about) looks right or not and then on the spell checker after that. So words I spell incorrectly which happen to be actual other words often get missed. Find/fine for example. (work/word) I have a few recurring words I get wrong.

A big surprise is I rate very low on the bullshit meter when it comes to superfluous words and fillers. Less than one percent of my writing is unnecessary. This is not rating subject matter you understand. Just words. I'd hate to see an analysis of my content. Anyway, simplicity in writing...I actually write with this in mind. Don't repeat, fewer words to say things. This site, BlaBlaMeter, will analyze any text you give it and tell you what percentage of your text is bullshit. Minimum five sentences. It will analyze your German and Spanish text as well.

No surprise is the fact that the blogs I read the most, also rate low on the blablameter. Yes. I ran your numbers. I'm looking at you. Well done.

This post:
Your text: 1199 characters, 223 words
Bullshit Index :0.09
Your text shows no or marginal indications of 'bullshit'-English.


Tonya said...

What a cool gadget. I'm beyond shocked that I don't rate higher on the bullshit meter. I tend to ramble. Your writing is concise and proper. Orderly. I like it. If my words were objects, they would be bats flying out of an opened closet.

Frimmy said...

That was the best image ever!! Your thoughts may fly out of the closet like bats, but you describe them with a marked lack of bullshit.

Tonya said...

As do you. I love your writing style. I love how much thought and care goes into your words, with no wasted effort. If your words were objects, they would be neatly balled socks all in a row. If you pick them up, you see part of the hobo's face that they are covering. It's best to put the socks back. Pretend you saw nothing. Make your excuses and FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Frimmy said...

So sick of the hobos, always begging for change. I hate how I gotta work and they just sit around and get paid.

Socks keep specimens organized and absorb excess fluids, as you've obviously figured out.

Frimmy said...

Should be quotes around the first two sentences*

Tonya said...

I love you so much right now. I'm willing to learn how to do lesbian things to you.


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