Cassette Tape Art by Erika Iris Simmons

This is Erica Iris Simmons:

This is Erica's 'about' blurb:
My name is Erika Iris Simmons and I like to take things- random things- like what you would find at a garage sale or in a thrift store- and make them into composite art. Most of my pieces become portraits of people associated with the item I’ve chosen. I don’t really add any paint or pigments… I usually just take things apart and re-arrange the pieces, cutting away portions when necessary. A lot of my art is made with cassette tapes and old film reels in a series I call “Ghost in the Machine.”
This is Erika's web site. Go there.

The Social Newspaper has a huge collection of her work, check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Fab post :) Makes me want to change my comment boycott

Anonymous said...



Tonya said...

How fucking cool is this shit? Where do you find this stuff?

Frimmy said...

I scour the internet for art using unique mediums because I want you to be wow'd in a happy way, not in a cannibal eating someone's face/dismembering/necrophilia kind of way.

Frimmy said...

(not that there's anything wrong with reading about that if that's your thing)

Unknown said...

WOW this is incredible~!


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