Easy Do It Yourself Projects

In an effort to break away from the art rut I'm in and avoid writing about some disturbing items in Canadian news, here are a few semi-arty ideas that are so insanely easy even I could make them.  So many crafty DIY ideas proliferate the internet and 99.9% I'll never use or try because I have enough junk. I like unadorned surfaces. Not that I'll ever get unadorned surfaces, just saying.

All these projects use stuff I already have or have on a regular basis. Except my empty cans formerly contained salmon not tuna. I've never really had a reason to use tuna for anything for which salmon wouldn't work just as well. I welcome any suggestions for tried and true tuna recipes. 

Mason Jar Wall Planter, very cool idea. I could make one right now if I weren't sitting here blogging about nothing.

Another similar idea for herbs in your kitchen where the herbs are up and out of your way.  Directions here:

I currently have an amazing crop of summer savoury flourishing in a pot of flowers on the deck.

I'm forever trying to root pineapple tops and failing. I've tried every way suggested by internet pages and I think they're all trolls. It can't be done. But meh, I always have pineapple tops so I'm not losing anything by trying again.

Anyway this looks like such an easy garnish for anything. Pineapple sliced paper thin and dried in the oven:

Very cool
Oh and why is blogger randomly selecting small blocks of text and creating a white background? I would understand if I had cut and pasted from another site, but this is text I'm creating within my blogger interface. It makes no sense.


Tonya said...

I LOVED the clothespin candle holders.


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