Foster Brooks

Dean Martin's Celebrity Roasts were rarely funny and I have to wonder what Martin is really listening, but nobody could do a drunk like Foster Brooks. His timing was dead on.

As Wiki says:
His comedy routines as the lovable, but hilarious, drunk, were a testament to the art of comedy without the need for profanity or any other excessive blue humor
I kind of like that about him. Wiki explains that public sensibilities changed regarding alcoholics and public drunkenness by the 1980s, so Brooks moved away from his drunk character. He had a recurring role as Mr. Sternhagen, Mindy's boss on Mork & Mindy. 

In spite of playing a drunk for most of his career, he rarely took a drink after making a $10 bet with a friend.  He lived until he was 89.


Tonya said...

Damn, I loved Martin's roasts. I'm on the laptop and can't hear jack shit on these speakers.

Frimmy said...

I can't tell if Dean Martin is actually drunk or just acting like a drunk. My perspective is all skewed. I get a kick out of him just blithely smoking like it's perfectly normal and acceptable. Which it was, back then. Now, that's what you have your movie character do if you want the audience to perceive them as the 'bad guy'. No wonder old people find it hard to accept change. There they were in 1970 perfectly accepted as good people who smoke and now, the opposite. Did they change? No. Perceptions have.

Tonya said...

I read an article a few years back about some statue in an art gallery. 50 years ago they had to remove it because of complaints that it was obscene because it was nude. 50 years later they had to remove it because of complaints that it was obscene because it had a cigarette.

Frimmy said...

We're ever so delicate now. Our sensibilities are so refined we can't even tolerate seeing a depiction of smoking even though it's rendered authentically.

We can't stand it when someone is not speaking with excruciating political correctness.

However we have no problem with the actions of private corporations using slave labour to turn a huge profit for personal gain. That's not offensive at all.


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