Frimm's Shredded Potato Hashbrowns - Easy!

This is not a food blog. I do not have natural lighting or a camera other than the one in my iPhone 3g. Just a heads up because there are photos down below and I am not a photographer. 

I decided to have Shredded Potato Hashbrowns tonight and I'm sharing. They are one of my faves and they're pretty much like a latke if you've ever had one. I just like pure unadulterated potato in mine. Too much egg, and flour and whatever and they start feeling like a pancake and I don't much like pancakes especially if there's potato in them.

You peel, shred, squeeze, fry, drain and eat. "Simplicity itself".

All you need are the following. (sorry, not to scale)

Optional item:

one potato + 
quarter small onion
a good ratio if you're an onion lover

Peel then grate your potato. If you're throwing in some onion, alternate onion and potato when you're grating but throw it all in together at the end. Scallions make a tasty and pretty addition but I didn't have any.

Using something that squeezes stuff (I used my hands), squeeze out as much of the water from your grated potato as you can. Or else they will be mushy. Which is fine if you like that kind of thing.

I used a stainless pan but I have also used a non-stick and they work fine either way. I'd recommend the non-stick just for simplicity.

Heat the pan with your oil. Add the shredded potatoes and artfully arrange them in the pan. Or not. Just let them go wherever as long as there's an even layer.

For you, I put my already used spatula,
a potato and my grater in the pic

 Medium high for five minutes will get you this:

It fell apart when I flipped it but no matter.

Five more minutes, or more if you like them well done. Then put them on a plate. If you're trying to be less casual because you're taking pictures for a blog, add some garnish.

I had no parsley to garnish with so I improvised

Salt and pepper, ketchup if that's your poison, sour cream whatever. I use vinegar like I do for French fries. Finish it off with your favourite thing and enjoy.


Tonya said...

That looks yum! I laughed at the parsley. Great improv. I like looking at pictures of your house. I feel like a peeping Tonya.


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